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Are you a woman in the Seattle area with Services to offer that your fellow sisters might want to take advantage of? For example do you sell Tupperware? Do you run an in-home daycare? Do you sew or make alterations? Have you thought of starting a business or project but didn't know how to get the word out? You can list your name here with your other fellow sisters. Your name will link to your Facebook site, Etsy site or webpage where more info can be found. Your Service will be listed next to your name.

The cost for the listing is $5/mo or $50 lifetime. Please keep the links current.
To get your name listed please e-mail the seattle Sisters with your Details Name, Service, Location, Contact info (won't be listed), Link to connect to your name. Send Payment via Paypal. Once your Payment is recieved your Services will be listed with-in 24hrs.













Maple Valley/Covington

Rachel Ray                                     In Home Meal Prep and Planning

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