Sister Spotlight

Do you know of an outstanding woman in the community that would inspire others?
We want to showcase these amazing women on this blog. Please send us an e-mail.

One of the main reasons to this whole site is for us to learn from each other! There is so much good in the world...and more importantly, in our homes, that never goes recognized.

In my life I haven't meet someone who I didn't learn from! I haven't met someone who didn't inspire me to be better or do better. I see amazing women all around who get up and go... and others who think... can I?
Hopefully you will be inspired by these amazing women, maybe even connect and build friendships, possibly get inspired or motivated to make progress in your home as a mother or a wife. Maybe you'll learn a new stand by recipe or discover a local park that will be a family favorite for years to come.

If we featured a new woman everyday for a year we would still have loads left to tell!
Please send us a quick e-mail about who you think should be featured, for their struggles, outlook, accomplishments  attitude or ideas!

Do you have a blog that you would like featured? If you are local we will scope it out and if it fits our stringent "Seattle Sister" criteria... we'll give you the Sister Seal of Approval! We will list you on our page with a link to your site. And send you the Seal of Approval for your site.

  • Uplifting Above all!
  • Motivating or inspiring?
  • Helpful or informational?
  • Fun and engaging?
If you run a full/part-time blog, with content that would be beneficial for our Fellow Sisters we would love to link to you! It's our goal to connect as many sisters in the community together for the good of all!

To submit a person to feature please include(Click here):
Full name
Link to Facebook profile(if possible)
Phone number
E-mail address
And 2 sentances of why they would be a wonderful "Spotlight sister!"

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