The Sisters

I have a problem, and it's probably very annoying to others but I just can't stop, I've tried!
But when someone says... "Oh that's cute" or "I love that..." I have to tell them how much I paid for it!  If you got something for free/cheap wouldn't you want to tell everyone? I just LOVE getting a good deal on stuff!! And I love to share it with people... is that so bad? My sister thinks it is... I'll try to be better but I have a feeling this blog will bring out the worst in me.
I never will...but I'm just sayin' ... if I did... Have a day all to myself... (and the house was clean and laundry done, and I hadn't stayed up till 4AM to get it all done) I would sew. I find something to do every second... I don't think I've been board since I was 9 months old in a high chair! I enjoy basketball and golfing. I LOVE design, sewing, art, home decor, graphic design -( Degree from BYU-I) and Photography ( which I did as a business for 7 years), I'm crazy about home improvement & self Improvement projects and I love an organized & prepared home!

oh and the other 99% of my time... I love on 4 extremely adorable little boys,
... oh the responsibility that I feel! These little ones are remarkable. 
I am on the edge of my seat to see who they will become!
I'm so thankful to know that the Lord is by my side as a mother, that I'm not on my own! I know that he loves me and that he entrusted these precious little boys to me. It just makes sense that he would be there to help me along the way! I know that he has. I pray daily for guidance as a mother and a wife, that the Lord will guide me to make the most of that day. I also go to him on my knees when the struggles and trials of life and the toll of motherhood seems overwhelming ( which is often)
All-in-all ... trials & struggles accounted for... I feel blessed!
That's a glimpse of me!

I've just won a fantastic cash giveaway, of ONE million dollars, what would I do?  Pay my tithes to the Lord, buy a house, donate, save and go on a fan-freaking-tastic vacation (Europe, the Caribbean...the possibilities) 
Here's a little bit about myself, because I'm hoping to get to know YOU, my Seattle Sisters...
I think being a mom is pretty much my favorite thing ever! I have three boys and I love helping them learn and grow. There's Max (5), Ryan (3) and Jase (7 months).
I have a fun and supportive husband, Tony who I am thankful for everyday. 
My family and faith are everything to me. 
I grew up in sunny California and then traveled to Utah to get a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I was able to do a church mission to France and Switzerland, and then head north to get my Master of Social Work at the University of Washington
Post college I worked in Washington State's Children Services. Now I'm living my dream of being a full time mother. 
My top three passions outside of my family are: 
1) advocating for children and victims of domestic violence, 
2) traveling, exploring, seeing new places both far and near and 
3) learning new things.
I love the color blue, sunny days, being outside, laughing, playing games, music, airplanes, camping, theatre, and being with friends.  
Oh and I didn't really win a million dollars...but a girl can dream right?

And I am Emily.
I grew up in Colorado where my dad worked as a self-employed mechanical engineer and my parents had a hobby farm of 65 acres for “raising kids” - all 8 of us. I am technically number 5, (but number 6 was only a minute behind me as we are twins) with 4 older sisters and 2 younger brothers.
I earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Brigham Young University -Idaho. I have a passion for all things creative and visual and dabble in almost every aspect.
My husband, Jared, and I are learning to raise our two darling children, Gavyn and Claire and love being parents. Being a transplant to Washington, I have found such solace in the sisterhood I happened upon and I am excited to be co-author to something that will catalyze the efforts of so many in the area!

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