Thursday, February 21, 2013

Get Your Babypants On!

Have you ever sung about going to the country and eating a lot of peaches?  Well, whether you have or haven't, whether you have heard of the Seattle band, "Presidents of the United States of America" or whether you haven't (really?, REALLY?), you will love hearing the fun, rock songs for children sung by their lead singer AKA Caspar Babypants. 

I first heard Caspar Babypants at a free concert at a library in Tacoma.  Most of his concerts are free at libraries, parks, etc.  He plays for the 0-6 year old audience but I'm telling you these songs are ones that are fun for adults too.  My boys and I have been to many of his concerts in the last few years and they are always fun.  Whether the band is using an apple, a banana or a washboard for percussion, whether Caspar is jumping off his stool or calmly strumming his guitar, he can get the kids up and dancing. 

There are 19 tracks on his newest album, "I Found You".  It is such a fun, carefree album full of music for the family to enjoy.
He sent me the music to check out so I did a little mother music review. Here are my thoughts on his new CD...

"Baby of Mine" makes you want to hold your little one in your arms and dance around.

"Golden Sunset" is relaxing, whimsical and reminds me of playing outside late on gorgeous Washington summer nights.  It is a song that I can imagine Caspar Babypants writing with the Beatles and David Bowie--it just has the feel of being inspired by those artists-to me. 

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star are fun twists on the classics.

"If I was a" let's a child's imagination go wild as they can gets answers to some of those questions they all ask.  What if I was a snail?  What if I was a worm?  "Just Wondering" is another song that lets children ask those questions they love to ask and in a fun way! ; )

"Woods Behind My Home" is another chance for children to let their creativity go crazy as they can imagine playing in the woods.

I think the title track, "I Found You" is my favorite song on the album.  It has such a fun melody--we can't help but sing along. (check it out for yourself!)

But who am I kidding?  We sing along the whole time.  This album is fun.  It continues our love of Caspar Babypant's music.  He had us with "Googly Eyes" and "Mister Rabbit" and many more on other albums, but this album just keeps the love of his music going strong.

And we want YOU to love it too! 

We are lucky enough to have a concert going this very weekend where you can bring your littles and groove with this local artist and his family-friendly music!

Saturday February 23rd at 10:30 AM
Meet us at the Renton Landing's Top Pot Doughnuts. 
 Check out this and other concert dates HERE
Make sure you stop by our Seattle Sister Swap Meet either before or after this great concert--but make sure you go!

Check out his website HERE as well and you can listen to the newest album for free!

And he's generously donating a signed copy of "I Found You" to one of our Seattle Sisters!  In order to enter our giveaway check out our rafflecopter! And leave a comment!
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  1. Thanks Debbie! I'm looking forward to taking the boys down for a fun treat and a concert of Saturday!! See ya there!

  2. Why is everything at the same time this saturday? I would love to go to this concert! Saturday also has a service project, women at the well practice, the swap meet, and other random assignments. Aaagh!

  3. That sounds fun! We'll see if I can get the girls there!


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