Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just the beginning...

We are so happy that you have taken a moment in your busy day to stop by and visit The Seattle Sisters... Of which you are by the way... A Seattle Sister of course! This is the first post of all time. I felt that it would be good to fill you in on what you've come for! The Seattle Sisters website has been a mental dream for me. I wasn't sure how to accomplish it or how to connect the dots, but like all things that were meant to be, it has just been coming together; the pieces are falling into place!

The predicament: I have met so many wonderful women in the area through PTA, Church, work, playgroups even childbirth. These are amazing women. I have seen the talents, ideas, creativity, resourcefulness, selflessness and love radiating out of these women... There is so much to learn from the women around us!  

How do I connect all of these amazing women together?

More than a party ... more than a get together... How do I connect real women together? How can we help each other, inspire each other, support and encourage each other?
The brain was spinning and churning and it was like all the pieces came together to accomplish more than I even thought in the beginning.

We can help each other, we can work together in our community regardless of the school or church you go to. Neighborhoods have no boundaries so we can help each other accomplish feats of service and simple acts of charity. We can connect ourselves to help each other succeed in many ways.

I found 2 women who are passionate about these things as well and we put our heads together and out popped the perfect solution!

The Seattle Sisters Mission statement is so simple... But so HUGE...

Connecting women and resources.
You will see many "Sister" groups that will hopefully be tools for
Connecting women together to accomplish more than we could on our own:  

Personally, Physically, Spiritually, Financially and Emotionally.

What will you find on the Seattle Sisters?
  • Sister Spotlight - The Main reason!! We will feature women from the area each week. You will learn the hopes, dreams, talents and advice from amazing women who live right here! If we featured a new woman everyday we could probably have a new post daily for more that 54 years but, alas since we do try to sleep for a few hours each night we will stick to once a week for now :)
  • Sisters' Service - We will list places were you or a group of you can find ways to serve locally, and specifically. We will also do group service collections for special needs in the neighboring communities throughout the year. 
  • Sister Shops- will be a place where you can come and find resources from your local sisters. Looking for a Pampered Chef consultant, someone who does yard work, in-home childcare? Trying to find a place to advertise your availability as a photographer, nanny or house cleaner? This is a place where you can list your services and we can connect women together. We can help each other succeed in our ambitions and help build a thriving community!
  • SHINE - This is a place where women can build their businesses locally. Your target audience is all within the greater Seattle area, with sisters in areas like Renton, Maple Valley, Issaquah, Bellevue, Kent, Federal Way, Auburn, Kirkland, Black Diamond to name a few. You can advertise for a very low fee and reach an audience that is 100% local to you! 
  • Sister Facebook Sites - Sister Sales and Sister Swap - These active communities are there for sisters to freely swap ideas and bargains as well as clear out their closets and cupboards...all blessing the lives of their nearby sisters without obligation!
  • Specialty Blog Posts - We have several planned and with your help this can only get better! From giveaways to printables. These will be things you won't want to miss!
  • Local Advice - Local Business reviews and giveaways! Helping connect you to your local businesses, restaurants, parks and events. 
  • Local Blogs- Are you a blogger in the area with features that would be beneficial to our readers? We would love to list your blog. E-mail us! If we feel that your blog is in keeping with our readers needs/wants and taste we will send you the sister seal of approval and list your blog on our site.
You can never have too many friends! I hope that this opens up an outlet where you can connect with even one more person, where someone can inspire you to improve your life, your marriage, your fitness or self esteem. Together we can BE more!

Together Debbie, Emily and Shelbi welcome you to take a look around! 
(Who in the world are we? Check out "The Sisters" tab)
We are looking forward to all we have planned for you for the next few weeks!!
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  1. This is so great ladies!!! Thank you 3 for being the first amazing women to be featured who put great ideas into action. Look forward to checking this site out often and learning from others.


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