Sunday, January 27, 2013

Start keeping your Blessings!

It Just makes sense to start out this lovely week and year talking about blessings as one of the first posts of the blog.

We started the dream of this blog with a small sister site called, "Sister Swap".   The Idea is that because we have been given so very much, and are so very blessed, that we should in turn bless the lives of others. There are many ways that we can do this, and it strengthens us as women to be able to help those near us, to see that we do bless and strengthen the lives of those we interact with.

At the very beginning of the year I saw something on Facebook of all places for something like this... you would think it would have been pinterest.   The post said to take a jar and everyday write down your blessings.  I thought ...simple, and wonderful.  We should all write down our blessings because we are truly blessed. 

But what about those of us who don't feel "truly blessed" right now? The sobering truth about life is that as we bring together women from all different ages and stages of life... there are bound to be some who are facing times when life feels like it's dragging them down! Husbands won't be perfect, in-laws wouldn't be supportive, children won't behave, money will vanish, and life can really get hard. But can we still not be blessed even amidst the CRAP that life throws at us?  It is good to recognize even when things are the most difficult, that there are people who lift us when we are down.  As women we set a tone for our homes.   We can lift and build ourselves and our families or we can sit and stew.

Just two days ago this song started playing as I was doing dishes and listening to Pandora.  The group "The Farm", from what I can see is very new, and it's one of their first songs called "Be Grateful".  It's a great message.


One of our Seattle Sisters, Katie Tyler put together an adorable "gratitude" chalkboard for her wall, where her family writes things that they are thankful for. I loved it! I asked her if she would share a snapshot and she did.  Don't you love this? I love it when we can fill our homes and our walls with meaning. This is a great example. And she's been able to keep it going for a few years.There are so many ways that you can instill gratitude into your everyday living.

Taking the blessing jar idea I thought about what would work for me and my family. So I pondered on the perfect jar for our family's Blessing Jar... and Yours! Don't think that this post is just about me starting a blessing jar! Oh no... hopefully some of you will share your success stories and others will be inspired to start counting your blessings...and one of our Seattle Sisters will get this super awesome Blessing Jar for her own home! 

Here are some tips to keeping this up all through out the year:

  • Set a time when you write something down. for example: Sunday dinner. 
  • Customize it to the year or your Family.
  • Put a Child incharge of asking questions about the blessings that the family enjoed that day.
  • Don't stop just because you missed a few days or a few weeks.
    (The beauty of this jar is that when you review the blessings they will come out in random order, if you miss a few weeks you won't even know :) )
  • Date your Blessing cards as you drop them in.
We Hope that this inspires your to keep track of your blessings. 
It would be a fun tradition to sit together on New years and read through the blessings that your family has received/ enjoyed through out the year. These are often the non tangible gifts that mean the most but are easily forgotten in the busyness of life.
Have a wonderful and Blessed week! 
We are giving a away one of these awesome blessing jars.
Enter's easy...just share your blessings!
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  1. We have recently started something similar, that my visiting teacher gave to me, a gratitude journal. We try to make entries every day, as much as we can. Each person in the family says something that they are thankful for and we write it down in our journal with their name and the date. We are trying to make each entry unique, no repeating. Even my 2 year old likes to tell us what he is grateful for, ofter it has something to do with Thomas the Train. It is a simple, lovely thing to do each morning at breakfast. I think it has helped our family be more optimistic and grateful.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Emily! The Journal is a great idea, easy to keep for years to come!

  2. Well my first attempt to use rafflecopter was a learning experiance, all the comments we in a format that only the admin could see... we live and learn... Thanks for sharing all your Blessings... it's just to bad that only We could see it!


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