Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Big Valentine for the Mini love in your life.

Just a little printable for a last minute valentine that will be something the kids can look forward to.
My kids adore getting to spend one on one time with mommy, which is very rare. So I always take this special valentines occasion to make a fun memory with them.
I give them these coupons, with 3 dates specially chosen to be something that I think that they will love to do. They Circle the date they choose and give me back the coupon. I make sure the date happens in the next 2-3 weeks. They know what the date is and I make sure it happens. 
These Special dates are something that they look forward to each year. They love getting them, and choosing for themselves.

It sets them apart from other coupons because:
  • It's a 1 time event. 
  • A mom with a busy schedule doesn't have to be redeeming coupons at inconvenient times.
  • I planned the activities ahead of time
  • I know they are all under $10 (and many much less)
  • They are one-on-one dates
  • The Child gets to choose, which is very important to a child.
Here are a list of the options that I gave my little men:
  • Sundae at Red Robbin
  • Swimming at Lindbergh
  • Going to the Kids Quest Children's Museum
  • Fries at McDonalds
  • An Ice cream cone
  • Bike Ride
  • $3 Theater ($1 store treat)

I doubled up and offered some of the boys the same activites if they applied. The most important part is that it's just one on one time when they are redeemed.

These are made to be easy on your printer, they won't take up a ton of ink! Print them on Cardstock for a more sturdy coupon. To use these Coupons simply print and cut and paste your activites in the Circles. You can also use clipart in word to place a picture in the appropriate place. You can Personalize with their names and put them in an envelope addressed to them!

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