Thursday, February 7, 2013

The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers

During the time I was slowly reading this book (because who has time to devour books anymore, right?), Shelbi told me about her idea for this blog. I loved the idea of sharing resources and getting to know women in our community. The blog and the ideas in this book team up perfectly. We need each other. Meg Meeker is a doctor who has worked with families for 25 years, mothered four children and written six books. This one talks about the 10 Habits of Happy Mothers but I think that all women can benefit from her words. I had several aha moments. Do you ever have those aha moments even if it's something that you knew before and it's just common sense? No? Well, okay, it's just me. ; ) I loved those little epiphanies!

 The Habits Summarized:
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1. Understand Your Value as a Mother (and I'm adding--as a woman)
2. Maintain Key Friendships (you do have a community, a network)
3. Value and Practice Faith
4. Say No to Competition
5. Create a Healthier Relationship with money
6. Make Time for Solitude
7. Give and Get Love in Healthy Ways
8. Find Ways to Live Simply
9. Let Go of Fear
10. Hope Is a Decision--So Make It!

Check out her book at the library (I will turn it in, I promise).
Here is her website too.

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