Monday, February 4, 2013

Marriage is fun! Date of the Month Club!

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Seattle Sisters are busy women! There isn't anything they don't do.
I hope that this helps you live up to the amazing women you are while saving you time and money for this Valentines day! The great thing about this gift is that it's also a gift for yourself!
 The Date of the Month club is a fun idea I saw online a few years ago, and so I made one for my hubby. It's a great way to keep the love alive all through the year.

Here you can get all the printables that you will need to put this sweet gift together.

You will need these supplies:
Large Manilla Envelope ( I used a craft paper type)
2 feet of yarn or ribbon
A printer
a few good ideas

 Here's what everything looks like when you're done.
There are a few differences between this and what you will get. I have printed on my "12 Dates" 12 date ideas that I thought of... this is a gift we can't make them come up with all the ideas. Yours is blank. You can write them in yourself or get tricky and put text over the lines in a word processing program, Illustrator or Photoshop, or adobe reader.

Here is the great part... whether his idea of a good time is shooting guns, shooting hoops or shooting the breeze you can customize this 100% to be something that he and you will love together!
Here are the ideas that I came up with:
Go to an Angels game
Walk on the Beach at Alki

Homemade hot fudge sundaes
“Body shop” Maintenance

Picnic hike
Play catch at the park
Drive in Movie-Drive in Fun!

Night of zen
Bowling date
Wild west night- home cookin’

Cosmic date- everything under the stars

Just think of something that he likes to do or something that you always say you're going to do and  add that to your list. Keep in mind your monthly budget and keep the activities budget-friendly. You can have a lot of fun if you just simply plan ahead. MARK IT ON THE CALENDAR. MAKE IT HAPPEN!  The fun names add some spice to the activity as get a little creative! A few of my activites are dates that could happen after we put the kids down. Making hot fudge sundaes, Night of Zen, Cosmic Date. Think of fun things that you wouldn't ordinarily plan to do!
These are extra Tickets. When he fills out his dates on Valentine's Night, He earns these bonus tickets! Your kit will also have blank ones that you can make up your own!

There are also 2 Getaway cards! Use 1 or both.
One is for a getaway and one is for a stay-cation. You can make home into a little resort if you can't manage to getaway this year. Work with a girlfriend, family or a baby-sitter to make this happen!  
You won't regret it!

Here's how I put it all together. I got a craft envelope, the size of a manilla envelope and cut the bottom portion off. and refolded and glued it with a glue stick. I attached a cute tag and a ribbon to tie it up with at the end. This part is mostly for my benefit since he wouldn't really care if it came in a Safeway bag as long has we got to have date night once a month and it would be totally planned!

Embrace your marriage and make it something special everyday! On every budget! At every point your life. Kids or no kids...babies or no or no money.
Nurture your marriage everyday.

Don't forget to download all 3 sheets.
I printed on 3 different colors of paper for added interest. I used 1 cream, 1 light pink and 1 tan sheet of cardstock. this would cost less than $1 to print at Costco if you haven't got a printer...and you have over a week to get it done :)

Enjoy! We would love to hear some of your creative date ideas.
If you use the date of the Month idea for valentines this year we would love to hear. Please leave a comment!


  1. Here are some more date ideas:

    "Chopped Challenge" like the TV show
    get takeout (or delivery) and play your favorite board game
    make a dessert together

    Thanks so much for sharing, Shelbi! I've been meaning to do something like this for a while, but couldn't find the time to do all the prep. And here you've done it for us!

    1. Those sound like alot of fun! I'm going to look into that Chopped Challange that sounds like a blast :)


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